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The Reward Center

The Reward Center lists surveys and offers tailored to each of your users. It seamlessly integrates into your app or site and engages your traffic through an efficient high converting flow. Every time a survey or offer is completed, you get paid and users are rewarded with the virtual currency of your choosing.




We Speak Your Language

Our lightweight SDK integrates with all the popular platforms within a few easy calls.







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A Rewarding Experience

With an opt-in experience customized to fit your brand, our elegant interface is tested and optimized to keep your users happy. We care about your users like you do, and given our passion for listening through research, they’re in good hands!

A Rewarding Experience

Keep Them Coming Back

Keep Them Coming Back

Your users get to share their thoughts on exciting products and known brands. They only see surveys and offers they find interesting, allowing them to earn rewards consistently. The Reward Center does all of this while keeping your users anonymous and secure. They stay engaged, spam-free and eager to earn more.

All Over the Map? So are we!

The Reward Center is localized to showcase surveys and offers in 32 countries, and growing. Whether your users are in one corner of the world or another, we’ve got you covererd!

All Over the Map? So are we!

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Publisher Portal

We give you the transparency you need to see the value we add to your business. You get a suite of tools that give you great flexibility, and actionable insights about your users.

Decide Your Portion of the Pie

Your margins are yours to set. Determine the exchange rate between what we pay you for a completed activity, and how much you reward your users.

Decide Your Portion of the Pie

Know Your Users

Know Your Users

Unlike traditional site analytics that tell you where your users are from, our research based demographics report will give you a deeper knowledge about who your users are.

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